Who We Are

The Village Country Club “VCC” is located at Semqanieh in the lush Shouf Mountains. This beautiful and convenient location delivers an unmatched experience in building communities and creating bonds among st Lebanon's youth.

VCC provides a quality, family oriented environment for recreation, relaxation, and social interaction of our members, their families and guests.

VCC hosts a state of the art mini sports complex with multiple facilities for today's youth away from their mundane routines.

The club also aims to strengthen its local community and economy by building on social and economic opportunities.

On the social front, VCC has created a thriving community of enthusiasts who share their interests and activities. The shared mindsets and relationships are key to promoting a collective thinking environment.

From an economical perspective, The Shouf area, and particularly Semqanieh, requires such facilities that host multi-functional activities and events which flourish the area around the project and provide all neighboring businesses with opportunities to increase their turnover. This makes Semqanieh one of the most sought-out destinations in Mount Lebanon.